IHSD Inc., is a funded child development program that is funded by both federal and state contracts. A family’s eligibility would have to meet criteria based on these federal and state regulations. Families with greater need have the highest priority in our eligibility wait list. We extend our services to participants already enrolled and continue to provide continuity of services through that participant’s returning year.

Online Enrollment Application

Eligibility requirements: Proof of child's age (birth certificate), Proof of income for one month for State Preschool or our Infant Toddlers Centers and for our Preschool option, one year's worth of income is required, Updated Immunization Record and Proof of residence in San Mateo County (Utility bill - most recent within the past 60 days or rental agreement which demonstrates your living address). IHSD Application for parents (options: PDF or electronic application link) and Interagency Referral Form for community partners (PDF document of the interagency referral form)