In-Kind Donations

Anything that we would purchase for classroom or program use can be considered as an in-kind donation. In general, we are promoting items that are soothing, natural and promote health and wellness in the office and classroom, and playground. Items that are beautiful and sturdy would be great. No bright colored, loud prints for furniture items. No plush or plastic toys or materials.

  • Classroom consumables and materials: especially art supplies, artist grade materials, watercolor paper, construction paper, collage paper, fabric scraps, string, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, mosaic tiles.
  • Loose part collections: Bolts, screws, washers, buttons, Natural materials for the science area – shell, rock or nature collections, magnifying glasses, Natural home like and sturdy storage containers (ex. wood boxes, baskets and containers, smooth metal containers, collections of clean glass baby jars for pens, pencils and such, real kitchen items for the play areas), shatter free mirrors for indoor-outdoor use.
  • Classroom furniture: Home-like furnishings that could be used in the classroom, small sturdy coffee tables in good condition, small wood shelving, new area rugs, new retractable baby gates.
  • Office furniture/equipment: standing desks, large/wide computer monitors, new mouse/keyboards, noise canceling headphones
  • Office supplies: clipboards of all sizes, pens, paper, hole punchers, laminating machines, laminating sheets, sheet protectors, file folders, desktop/office organizers, indoor plants, especially those that clean the air etc. oil diffuser, essential oils (also good for non-toxic pest management)
  • Outdoor furniture for the playground: child size benches and tables, adult size benches and tables, outdoor storage cabinets, gardening tools, outdoor umbrellas, shade structures, water igloos
  • Outdoor enhancements: planter boxes, garden trellis, wind chimes, water features, garden stones, outdoor plants non-poisonous (preferably native & drought resistant, or edible plants). Also plants with calming effects such as long ornamental grasses, lavender, etc. Outdoor curtains, sheer fabric or patio protectors.
  • Clothing: Children size and adult clothing, shoes and accessories for dramatic play use, or mud suits, rain boots, raincoats for outdoor play.

For questions about in-kind donations, please email