Staff members from the IHSD main office share some of their favorite fall traditions.

Boris Bobrov, Data Entry Tech:
My fall family tradition includes celebrating the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. My mom usually does all the festival cooking and I help with the salads and the meats. We also watch football when the San Francisco 49ers play. During the fall, we also tend to do more holiday shopping and go to the auto show at the San Francisco Moscone Center ever year. I look forward to seeing all the new automobiles that are coming out for the next year. I go with my dad and brother. Sometimes my uncle is involved as well.

Photo provided by Food & Wine


Sunshine Wu Fisher, Mental Health Coordinator:
Our tradition for the past few years is for my sister and her husband to visit from New York for the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have a traditional big turkey meal on Thursday. The Thanksgiving turkey is cooked by my husband, along with porcini gravy (that he foraged from nearby forests), and I help with the rest of the side dishes. My sister and I go outlet shopping all day for Black Friday.  On Saturday, we go pick out a Christmas tree together and decorate it together with my girls on Saturday evening. On Sunday, we go out to eat dim sum near the airport before sending them off back to New York.  It’s an action-packed four days, but we really enjoy our time together.

Photo provided by Sunshine Wu Fisher


Sheri Geesey, Curriculum Coordinator:
We do not have consistent fall traditions except we donate 2-3 turkeys to food pantries, like Glide Memorial or Martin De Porres. The reason for this is because everyone deserves to have food on the table.

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Angel Barrios, Executive/Program Director

We have this family fall tradition where we put out our big inflatable black cat and big spider on the tree of our front yard for Halloween. He doesn’t have a name. He’s just our Halloween cat, and his head will move. We had this cat for like 5-6 years. If it’s not out yet, the children in the neighborhood will even ask for it! My favorite part is watching from inside the house to see when dogs are out walking and will bark at the cat like it’s a real animal haha!

Photo provided by Angel Barrios