IHSD Facilities Coordinator Joy Dueñas highlights a wonderful and upcoming partnership that will support our programs and makes a call for more volunteers!


Happy Monday! I am in high spirits after experiencing our first IHSD Family Day this Saturday at the San Mateo Central Park! Not only was it a gorgeous day to see our families but so wonderful to see our dedicated staff engaging with our beautiful families while they did craft and wellness activities with the children and parents in addition to continuing to literally nourish families with food but also with beneficial presentations along side our community partners. I saw our amazing parent ambassadors step up to the plate and really shine as well!

I expect the in-kind there to be at least $50,000 in professional hours and materials alone and that is only for one site!

What a great way to celebrate 35 years of IHSD serving our community! On that same note of serving, I wanted to highlight another wonderful partnership we have had with Rebuilding Together for the past few years. This year, we were fortunate to be chosen by the Associate Director of Rebuilding Together because of our strong commitment to serving to community. Even though I had not submitted an application for our sites to receive repairs this year, Cari Pang Chen reached out to us to offer repairs to 4 of our sites based on applications I had submitted previously for our sites!


This means we really need all hands on deck!

This year, Rebuilding Together and its sponsors will be making critical repairs on Saturday, April 20 and 27 as well as essential enhancements to our facilities at Serramonte, Laurel, East Palo Alto and Magnolia. The scope of work list includes:

  • adding windows in the offices and adult and children’s bathrooms at Serramonte
  • changing the carpet in Serramonte offices
  • switching all of our lightbulbs to LED lights
  • power washing our ramps
  • adding a non-slip coating to the stairs and ramps
  • repairing our siding
  • digging a French drain that will connect to the storm drain
  • moving planter boxes out of the courtyard along the fence lines and building more planters
  • creating a trex deck
  • building mud kitchens and storage benches to double the opportunity for outdoor play at the Serramonte site
  • as well as adding a privacy screen all along the existing playground.

That scope of work proposed by Webcor is for the Serramonte site alone! I expect the in-kind there to be at least $50,000 in professional hours and materials alone and that is only for one site! In addition, Rebuilding Together’s sponsors and volunteers will be helping create welcoming areas at all three of our East Palo Alto sites, painting murals on the walls, creating more gardening spaces, and enhancing the children’s play areas with outdoor chalkboards, new sandboxes. They even scheduled an additional work day in August to repaint the exterior of all three sites!

All of this is happening this month and the majority on ONE day! You heard that correctly!

This means we really need all hands on deck! Not just to do the strenuous digging, moving, building and painting of the 100+ volunteers already signed up from the sponsoring organizations, but even more important to show our thanks and support for their time, dedication and effort!

Because we have three builds going on simultaneously this year, it is even more critical that we all show up to cheer on and pitch in on this beautiful effort to support and build community with Rebuilding Together Peninsula as they also celebrate their 30 year Anniversary this year serving under-served communities in San Mateo County!

If you are interested in showing your support, please help by signing the thank you cards I will be distributing to the sites of the builds as well as creating your own signs and cards from the kids. You can make or donate snacks or treats for the volunteers or help by asking your friends, family and community partners to provide water and treats for Rebuilding Day or even to volunteer in one of the builds even if it is not their site!

Let’s continue this wonderful momentum and end this year with a huge bang!!!

We will need help on April 20th at the EPA/Magnolia sites to take down a chain link fence and again on April 27th at EPA/Magnolia, Laurel and Serramonte with the builds.

Feel free to email me back at jduenas[at]ihsdinc.org to sign-up or if you have questions!


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