IHSD Family and Community Engagement Coordinator Moana shares what the holiday spirit means to her.


For me, the holidays are a time to pause with the ones we have been blessed with during our life’s journey. Taking in and creating an opportunity to reflect, reconcile, build, encourage, and speak life into one another. As we enter a new season of love, laughter, tears, accomplishments, setbacks for a greater comeback, everything that comes makes us a stronger unit. We are definitely stronger together!

During this holiday season don’t be afraid to give and take!

  • Give a smile.
  • Give a high five.
  • Give a hug. (Someone might really need it, especially during the holidays.)
  • Give words of encouragement.
  • Give a simple complement of appreciation to one or more people a day.
  • Give a little bit of your time to serve others.
  • ForGive quickly.
  • Take the time to reflect with your family on how far you’ve all come.
  • Take in all the love around you.
  • And finally, with all that you give, take care of yourself.

Tis the season of creating more memories as a family!


– MoanaLisa L. Lupe, IHSD Family and Community Engagement Coordinator