Former IHSD teacher-now-staff, Angel Chang, shares her experience back in the classroom to lead an art project with supplies donated by Blick Art Materials.


My first season with IHSD started in the fall of 2008 in a coastal town with a one classroom preschool site next to a pumpkin patch. After two years of teaching, I continued to stay engaged with IHSD as a volunteer, an advocate, a member of the growth committee, and most recently a staff member. My seasons with IHSD have been nothing short of mission-driven with the growing belief that all children should have access to quality early childhood education.

As a staff member, I recently had an opportunity to be back in the classroom and lead an art project. Ahead of the 35th-anniversary event and IHSD’s inaugural fundraiser, I was inspired by my seasons with IHSD to lead a painting project for the live auction.

Blick Art Materials generously donated four 36×48 blank canvases, a set of acrylic paints, and assorted brushes to support our project. During free choice time, small groups of 5-6 students joined me at a time around a canvas excited to paint. We discussed seasons and the colors associated during that time. With generous amounts of paint squeezed onto the canvas, we would start mixing colors with one finger at a time. We then moved to two fingers, then three, then four, and then all five fingers on one hand, while I added more colors to the canvas. The result was a colorful canvas reflecting the season. The completed masterpiece included finger drawings of leaves, snowflakes, suns, and flowers (respective to the season) on top of the paint.

“Fall Leaves” with IHSD @ Ravenswood

“Winter Snowflakes” with Magnolia Head Start

“Spring Flowers” with East Palo Alto Head Start

“Summer Sun” with Laurel Head Start

Shout out to the classrooms who helped create these masterpieces! These paintings will be available for auction on Sunday, October 21, 2018! Proceeds will go toward scholarship funds to support families who currently can’t afford quality child care in the Bay Area. Thank you again, Blick Art Materials, for supporting us in this effort!

– Angel Chang, IHSD staff member