IHSD Teachers Connect in Solidarity During COVID Times

With very little advance notice to comply with the shelter-in-place order, IHSD followed the rest of the Bay Area and considered how to navigate uncharted waters. On Monday, March 16, IHSD quickly closed its 13 different child care program centers that serve nearly 700 children around San Mateo County. Despite needing to stay at home, IHSD teachers and staff worked diligently to consider how they would flip their infant-toddler, home-based visiting program, and preschool classrooms to support remote learning in order to remain connected with their families.

Phase 1 was an adjustment period while the entire community shifted to sheltering in place. Teachers especially not only had to assess their own tools and resources to continue working from home but also had to consider the resources and needs of the families they served. “We actually had to do a mass ordering of equipment such as additional laptops for teachers and IHSD administrative staff,” IHSD Executive Director Angel Barrios explained. “iPads from the program sites also had to be distributed to teachers at home.” 

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