Serving the Coast from a Coastal Native

IHSD Family Services Coordinator Melissa shares her story serving IHSD from the coast.


Working on the coast for IHSD is such a unique and rewarding experience.  Many people know of and have visited the now very popular tourist town of Half Moon Bay.  The roads crowd each weekend with people from all around to visit it's beaches, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms, as well as to eat at incredible restaurants.  However, Half Moon Bay was not always so well-known, and only relatively recently has become such a popular destination.  Although it is constantly changing and growing, there are still many "small town" characteristics that make it such a great place to work, and a special place for our children and families to live. Before going any further, I think it's important to mention that the joy I find in working on the Coast is greatly influenced by my own personal story.Read more

A Healthy Start to 2019!

IHSD Health & Nutrition Services Manager, Fou, shares some healthy perspective to start the new year!


As we enter the new year, there’s no better time to reflect on overall wellness. At IHSD, I
gratefully embrace the incredible leadership that guides the fulfilling work that we do to support
our children and their families.

IHSD’s spirit exemplifies a purpose that is true to the creation of Head Start and that is around
the child’s well being. While our staff are easily found busying themselves with compliance
driven health and nutrition deadlines, we can certainly share that this is the testament to the
love we have for our families and our agency.

We live in a county where folks are constantly stretched to meet the needs of their children, their families and so we take great pride in the confidence they have in entrusting their children to the IHSD learning community.

Our efforts in guiding them around the importance and value of keeping their child healthy and safe by sharing the benefit in timely physical exams, having their children immunized to mention a few and most importantly that their child is thriving, growing, learning.Read more